GretAnt is a tool to integrate Gretel into ant, currently mainly for the sake of unit testing. GretAnt is capable of producing coverage reports in xml and html format after a testrun.

This project is started with as base a tool I made as aid for software verification at my employer, it is being used by some 15 people, this number is starting to increase. While the tool does what it should do, it definetely needs better documentation, some things should be improved. In order to use this ant task you will need gretel 1.0 as present on sourceforge. The intention exists to adapt the software for later versions of gretel.

A sample project is provided that can be used as an explanation of how to use gretant (consider this sample project the only documentation at this moment).

The current version of gretant can be downloaded source, jar-file.

To use gretant the following libraries are needed, these can be put in your CLASSPATH or be included in the lib directory of your ant installation. For your own project xalan.jar can be omitted if you do not want to transform the xml result of the coverage report to html. Junit.jar can be omitted if your project does not use junit. For the sample project all libraries are needed.

This sampleproject contains a project making use of ant, junit, gretel and gretant. It demonstrates the use.

The gretant project page on sourceforge is

HTML reports for a coverage report for the sampleproject is here